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  • To gain high motivation and self-confidence to  the disadvantageous students who are exposed  to discrimination and have different ethnic origin, religion, language, race or the special need. Besides of these we want to include families into some integrated educational activities.
  • To rise quality of teacher’s profile in our school by creating better educational areas, developing new teaching methods and cooperating with partnership. To encourage them to cope with students who are creative,innovative and have different features ( ethnic origin, language, religion, race, immigrant etc.)
  • To make students who are disadventagous and exposed to discrimination be more active in education and training activities by developing disciplinary methods. To prevent them to be excluded from the society for gaining common benefit. To attract notice on contending with discrimination. To make them bestir while making a notice on discrimination among large masses.

2 Comments to Why this Project

  1. Many thanks to the Spanish team from Linares for their great hospitality!
    It was so nice seeing you all dear friends!!!

    • Javier says:

      No doubt, this visit has been one of the most exciting experiences in our live as a school. Thanks for giving us joy and positive energy!!!

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