Vilnius – May 2017

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15 – 19 th May, 2017

Dear partners, Based on the assessment of the questionnaire conducted among all teachers participating in the meeting at Vilnius Tuskulenai Gymnasium, we can note the following conclusions. Regardless of age, occupation position, years of teaching experience, previous participation in other Erasmus+ projects, all participants:

1. were very satisfied with the facilities provided at the Gymnasium;

2. were very satisfied with the approach of the head teacher, the leading coordinator, the teachers and the students of the Gymnasium;

3. agreed, that communicative skills of the staff and students were adequate;

4. were very satisfied with the facilities of the restaurants and their staff, the museums and places of cultural interest they visited, the Lithuanian people and shop assistants they met;

5. prefered taking part in meetings that had extensive cultural content;

6. enjoyed their visit to Lithuania and to Vilnius Tuskulenai Gymnasium;

7. were very satisfied by the content of meetings with officials as far as it concerned the subject of our project “Every Student is Important” , the approach and attitude;

8. agreed that the Erasmus+ meeting at Vilnius Tuskulenai Gymnasium helped them to clarify ambiguities and provided them with a clearer picture of what it needed to be done as far it concerned the implementation of our project activities;

9. were very satisfied with the time, duration, preparation, content and organization of the Erasmus+ meeting at Vilnius Tuskulenai Gymnasium;

10. agreed, that the agenda of the Erasmus+ project meeting atVilnius Tuskulenai Gymnasium included all the necessary issues that needed to be discussed and organized (interviews with local authorities, promotion of the Gymnasium, region, city and the project, next mobilities, students’ communication;

11. got acquainted with the Lithuanian Educational system and teaching methods and practices used by the Lithuanian colleagues in class;

12. were very satisfied with their overall visit to Lithuania.

What do they say? What is your overall impression of the Erasmus+ meeting in Lithuania?

* We did the cards and the boat sailing was wonderful!

* A magnificient experience! I was very lucky for sharing knowledge with these partners!

* There were too many good moments to name just one.

* It was perfect to understand the Lithuanian culture and history.

* The best moment was visiting the Gymnasium and meeting the students and the teachers there!

* Trakai and the workshop at the Gymnasium was amazing!

* I enjoyed the meeting very much! We had the chance to spend a good time with the participants from different countries! The daytrip to Trakai castle was the most memorible!

* The week we spent in Lithuania has been beneficial for me in many ways. I have learned about the cultures of the partipicating countries and about the education systems of them. I enjoyed each step of the program, but one of the best parts was the day we prepared therapeutic cards.

* It was really great. The best moment was dancing with Lithuanian kids!

* The best moment of the meeting was drawing cards!

What is your overall impression of the Erasmus+ meeting in Lithuania? What I would change is….

* Everything was just perfect. Thanks for the great time that we spent in Lithuania!

* I wouldn’t change anything.

* Everything was great!

* It was a great experience that gave me also the opportunity to meet other people and understand their culture

* Everything was great! I wouldn‘t change anything, because I had a lovely time in Lithuania! I met some lovely people that I hope to meet again sometime in the future!

* It was great and educational! I wouldn’t change anything.