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There are 18 teachers and 200 students in our school. Fifty percent of the students have various origins. Our school’s total capacity is 350 students. It also has a spacious garden and a playground. There are also a swimming pool, a basketball court, and a soccer field nearby. Our school is in city of Kutahya, located in the western part of Turkey, with a population of 400 thousand.  Besides Turks, there are also refugees from Iraq and Syria. In Kutahya, There are people from other nations too. Our school has been providing education for almost 11 years and has achieved many successes around the region and in Turkey.

Starting from preschool, inconsistent with the advanced educational models, the mission of our school is to bring up people who are creative, capable of having scientific thinking, self-confident, self-righteous, and ready to endeavor for success.

Our school has never taken any part in any Erasmus program before but, as groups, went to different countries of Europe including England for language courses, and several times to USA and CERN for scientific researches.

There are computers and overhead projectors in all of our classes. Our students can communicate with their friends from deferent part of the world via video conference.  We also have some students who have become pen friends with the students from other countries. With this project, our students will improve their levels of English. Being vocationally responsible, our teachers and have high communication skills and can establish good relations with others.

The reason of our desire of taking part in this project is that it is because we believe our environment and partners, and European community will benefit from it.

Legal Representative         : Salih Sebahattin ENER (Headmaster)

Contact Person                   : Hande Şahin (English Teacher)



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  1. Eylül says:

    I’m so proud to be a student in Dumlupınar College.
    We’re looking forward to hosting our friends from different countries on May’18.

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