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(07th – 10th May 2018)


This meeting was a little bit different from the other meetings as at the same time we had a transnational meeting and an international mobility of our project “Every Student is Important”. However, these obstacles were no more than a joy for the Kütahya team as they know how to handle this kind of situation and they could organize two meetings integrated to each other. The total number of the participants was 16.

Eluding from their prejudice, the participants had a great opportunity to see and experience the Dumlupınar College, Kütahya and Turkey.



Firstly, on Monday 7th of May, the whole group had a chance to take a tour around the school to get an idea about the Turkish education system. Later on, partners made presentation of their countries, cities and schools in order to get to know each county and city. After this ice breaker, the whole group went to auditorium and watched an amazing welcome ceremony from the Dumlupınar College’s students. In the afternoon, the students from Mersin group had the opportunity to join activities with the rest of the group and we ended the day at a popular restaurant “Güral Ocakbaşı”.

Then, on Tuesday 8th May, we went to have a project meeting at Dumlupınar University’s meeting hall in order to discuss several important issues regarding the implementation and development of our project activities, e-book, video clips and Europass certificates. At the same time, the kids were at the school and enjoying the recreational activities that were organized in the school. After the meeting we enjoyed the traditional food and visited Sıdkı Olçar Tile Museum. Here we got information about the process of tiles and how they are made. And some lucky partners had the opportunity of giving a shape to the clay and color it. Finally, we ended the day in Gülpalas Restaurant offered by Erkasaplar.


Wednesday 9th May was an off day for the whole team. Early in the morning we went to Eskişehir which is a metropole and a magnificent city. We had the opportunity to visit Wax Museum, Kurşunlu Palace Complex, Atlıhan Bazaar and Art Museum. After visiting these magnificent places, we had to take energy and had lunch in a popular restaurant “Köfteci Yusuf”. After the lunch Sazova Park was our next destination. Here we visited Turkish 
Masterpieces, the pirate ship and the Dream Castle. After that we took a Godola Tour in Adalar and ended the day in Mezze Terace Restaurant.

Tuesday 10th May after having breakfast in Hilton Garden Inn
we came to the school and started our usual project meeting discussing the final evaluations of the project. After the meeting we were excited to be the part of an award ceremony called “Every Student is Important”, organized by the host partner Dumlupınar College. This was an art contest in which the students from Kütahya participated including the students needing special education. After this ceremony we went to explore the city and went to the Germiyan Street where we visited the Olgunlaşma Enstitüsü (adult education institute). we were presented many beautiful traditional hand crafts such as embroidery, pinking, folkloric garments and dolls. After that we went to Mehmet Gürsoy’s tile house where we enjoyed the Unesco’s world human treasure’s art works. At the same time the kids were at school with their new friends and enjoying the concert of CAKA, a group of kids trained by the Afyon Kocatepe University. Some of our partners wanted to enjoy themselves with the traditional Turkish baths and went to Gülümser Hatun. The day ended with the dinner organization at İnci Lounge.


On Friday 11th of May after the breakfast we arrived at the Dumlupınar College and had our final meeting about the minutes and the final reports. After concluding the whole jobs for the end of the project we started a workshop called “T-shirt Me” In this workshop we had the opportunity to write the thoughts and wishes for each partner school. After the usual lunch session, we had free time to explore the city. At night we ended the day again at the Güral Ocakbaşı offered by our school Dumlupınar College.




On Saturday 12th May, our excurtion to İstanbul started. early in the morning we had breakfast at Beşiktaş Çarşı. there we met our tour guide who was with us all day long. we spend most of the day in the historical peninsula where Topkapı Sarayı (Topkapı Palace), Ayasofya Müzesi (Hagia Sophia), Sultan Ahmet Camii (Blue Mosque) and Yerebatan Sarnıcı (The Basilica Cistern), Mısır Çarşısı (Spice Bazaar), Kapali Çarşı (Grand Bazaar) are located. after having our lunch in the famous sultan ahmet köftecisi we went on a boat tour in Bosporus which was organized just for our group. In company with the presentation of our guide we had a panoramic view of the city every part of which is not possible to see in a day. ın the evening we had our dinner in one of the most popular places in Kumkapı where music bands provided the guests with live music, walking through the streets with their instruments.


In parallel with the objectives of the project, making friends from different cultures enabled us to gain mutual concerns and respect to differences. It was a great joy and pleasure to have the partners to see in Kütahya and in Turkey.