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Our school is a primary school and there are 42 teachers and 930 students whose ages are between 6 to 11. The school locates at  a semi urban region of the city. The school is situated in a disadvantaged area that receives many immigrants from Eastern part of Turkey mainly for economic and social  factors. The students are the children of immigrant families from other regions  of the country. Families came from the villages where there are no industry and agriculture  so they are mostly unemployed families. Students  are the children of sociodisadvantaged environment. Although the city is so close to  the harbour, unemployment is still high thanks to crisis in the world. Therefore  the criminality in this region is also quite high. On the other hand, the children of the families who fled the war in Syria are trained at our school, their number is 64. In terms of ethnic origin there are Turkish, Kurdish and Arab students in our school.

The roles of the school in the project are to contribute to exchange of cultural experiences on good practices about how to design historical  compositions with different countries developing new skills and new educational  opportunities. By means of partnershi

p, learners develop in  their educational, linguistic, technological competence with the cultural exchanges and facilities of the project.

As the students of our school are immigrants and members of broken families, have social and economic problems, participation to this program may contribute them new educational learnings and opportunities. The collaboration with different countries  will enrich their knowledge and experience since they will have the chance to

meet new people with different ideas and cultures.  For all these reasons participation to this project will provide the young pupils to  widen their horizon, cultural adaption, public awareness and integration to the city. Furthermore, they will broaden their outlook, know and understand differences between cultures, gain communication competencies.

This project will be a terrific motivator for our students in different ethnicities. We will participate in awareness activities with our partners, say altogether “Respect for Diversity” to the wider environment and produce useful output in cooperation with our partners.

We didn’t participate in any project in this subject before. But in our school there are two e- twinning project named as “Science is Discovery of World” And “Let’s Learn

English together” . Also there are two Erasmus+ strategic school partnership projects named as ” Öko- Brücke” And “A building of local heritage as a witness of political, social, environmental and landscape history”. We organize trips in extra curricular time to motivate and our students in our school and do some activities such as folk dance, modern dance and chess. Sometimes counselling service in cooperation with other institutions organizes seminars to families. In our classes we use smart board. At the same time we benefit from our school’ s library, laboratory, IT classroom, guidance service, music class and visual art workshop.

The key personnel of this project will be project manager, headmaster, the teacher from project team. The personnel who is responsible for project speaks Hungarian and English, but also speaks Italian and Spain from the beginner level. Also she uses ICT tools. She conducted 4 Comenius/ Erasmus + projects as a coordinator and partners before. Our headmaster attended Erasmus+ activities for the first time this year.  He has 9 years of experience in school administration. He has the ability to use technological tools very well. The other personnel attended Erasmus+ activities for the first time . Our staff has good qualities such as establishing good relationships with others, having high comm

unication skills, being responsible, providing sponsorship. That’s why at the project execution stage, we believe that we will provide benefit to project, our school, environment, our partners and all the European.

Legal Representative         : Hakan Şimşek (Headmaster)


Contact Person                   : Seher Düzgün (Teacher)


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