Spain – Soc. Coop. And. Colegio San Joaquin

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The cooperative school San Joaquin is located in Linares, province of Jaen, in the south of Spain. It is a bilingual school  founded in 1986. The school offers Elementary,  Primary and Secondary Education, with three units of Elementary Education, six of Primary Education, four of Secondary Education and a unit for children with Special Needs and orientation to the rest. We are a cooperative school with more than 25 years of history,  which tries to contribute to the formation of free, critical and competent citizens. Provided that we are cooperative, the social Economy determines decisively our way of understanding education, that is why we have experience as educators of the enterprising talent. The concept of enterprising initiative, entrepreneurship or similar concepts in the educational environment refers to the development of personal qualities such as creativity, disposition to the innovation, autoconfidence, motivation of achievement, leadership and resistance to the failure. Some values are promoted as well  like not discrimination at the moment of undertaking in some task for reasons of race, sex, age, religion, among others. In our school, we have students from very different backgrounds. Among them, we have gipsy students and inmigrants from different countries. They normally come to our country with a very low level of Spanish.

n our school,  firstly we offer the immigrant students a personalized welcome plan. With this, the counselor at our school, together with the tutor, help with the correct inclusion of the immigrant student. The activities we do with them are interviews with the student, with te family, and group dynamics to contribute his/her social relationships.

On the other hand and immediately, the counseling department determines the need of adaptation of the students in relation to his/her curricular competence y the knowledge of the language. According to this, we prepare the adjustment s to their curriculum or the educational needs they may have.


Legal Representative         : Francisco Javier Cruz Martínez  (President Of The Cooperative School)


Contact Person                   : María José González del Castillo (Coordinator of Bilinguism)



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