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16th – 20th April 2018

Cooperativa de Enseñanza “Colegio San Joaquín”

The third international mobility of our project “Every student is important” of the European programme Erasmus + was developed in Spain, from 16th to 20th April. The total number of the participants was 28. We must say that all of us had a great experience in Spain and in particular, in Andalusia and also, Linares town, where our partner school is located.

Firstly, on Monday 16th April, the participants had a tour around the school in order to visit different spaces and classrooms to observe the way of organizing the teaching and learning activities. Later, each partner made a presentation of their country, city and school in various classes, mainly last courses of Primary School. These presentations were a nice way of breaking ice and getting to know each other. After this, we participated in a fun welcome ceremony, in which we could enjoy the performance of several piano pieces, flamenco dance, and a spectacular acrobatic exhibition by our parkour kids.

Next, we went to the tavern “El Bosques” to celebrate a welcome lunch, where we could taste typical dishes of Andalusian cuisine. Then we went to the “Elviris Garage” to have a coffee and some soft drinks to the rhythm of rock music of all times.

In the afternoon we attended a pastry shop in the bakery “María Auxiliadora”, where we learned how to make traditional oil cakes. Once they came out of the oven we could enjoy them accompanied by a hot chocolate. To end the day, and before enjoying the free time, we made a brief visit to the bullring of Linares, one of the oldest in the country.

On Tuesday, 17th April, we left early for Baeza, town that together with Úbeda was declared a World Heritage City, where we could contemplate its wonderful old town, full of magnificent architectural Renaissance buildings: Plaza de los Leones, Carnicerías, Arco de Villalar, Puerta de Jaén, Plaza de Santa María, and Holy Cathedral Church, among others.
After a walk through the walls of Baeza, from where we could contemplate the valley of Guadalquivir river, we visited the Old University of Baeza and the classroom where the famous Spanish poet Antonio Machado taught.

To end the visit to Baeza, we made a small tour in a tourist train, before making a stop for lunch at the restaurant “La Góndola“.

After lunch we went to Úbeda, where we could walk through the beautiful streets of its old town before visiting the workshop of Juan Tito, a famous potter, in which we contemplated a demonstration of traditional pottery.

The third work day, on Wednesday 18th, took place at school. The participants joined a group of students of host school for developing a video-workshop. Firstly they made a brainstorming for identifying the main ideas of our project, then, in groups, they made banners and posters with those ideas. For finishing the workshop, every group was recorded presenting their works and their own slogans. These pieces of video, together with others that each partner will provide will be used for build a representative video clip for our project.

After the workshop, we went to  the restaurant “Manolete” where we partipated in a olive oil tasting workshop. We could taste several kinds of olive oils, and we learned to distinguish flavours, smells, and the main characteristics of this precious product. Next, we had lunch at the same restaurant and, after that, we went to the Sports Pavilion of the Linares Scientific and Technological Campus, where we held a training under the charge of the basketball team coach of the host school.

For finishing the day, we made a short walk to visit a genuine building, the “Hospital de los Marqueses de Linares” where we could see a curious collection of old medical-surgical materials, the great chapel and the crypt where the Marquises of Linares were buried.

On Thursday, 19th April, the participants joined the group of 6th grade of Primary School of the host partner to enjoy a day trip to Córdoba, where we walked through the tiny streets of the old town, we saw the typical patios, full of flowers, and a funny park called “La Ciudad de los niños“, where all of we enjoyed playing. After the lunch, we visited the Mezquita Catedral, one of the biggest mosques in the world.

On the last meeting day, 20th April, the partners started tasting a traditional breakfast, ‘churros con chocolate’, in the most typical site of Linares, “La Palotes“. After that they visited the Mining Interpretation Center located in the “Estación de Madrid“, an old train station built in 19th century remodeled and recovered for cultural and museum uses, where they could understand the origins of Linares ant their mines. Next, until lunch time, the participants had free time for walking and exploring Linares. For lunch all the participants met at the host school, where the families had prepared traditional Andalusian dishes for a fraternization meal. At night we ended the day again at the restaurant “Manolete” celebrating the farewell dinner.

This meeting has been a great experience for all of us. It has been a real honor to transmit the culture, values and traditions of our country to our partners. There is only one mobility left to perform and the bonds of union between us are already very strong. The best possible culmination will undoubtedly be our meeting in Kütahya, where our Turkish partners await us with open arms, full of enthusiasm to make their customs and their country known.