SPAIN MEETING 16.04.2018

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Erasmus+ minutes

Spain meeting 16-20/4/2018


  • Elena will do the editing part of the booklet
  • After reading the whole thing, some partners need to add more details/actions. In particular:
  • Lithuanian partners need to add one more inclusive practice and explain
  • Mersin team (and in particular Mustafa and his colleagues) must provide us with 4 clear actions whereby some exemplary inclusive practices in their school are being implemented.
  • All partners must send again their photos in high quality resolutions via email directly to Hande and please specify which photos for which action.
  • All partners must read again their part, after the editing so that both the English narrative and the native agree.
  • If something is not responding to the text, immediate contact Elena via email or whatsapp.


  • All partners must send their work until the 27th Friday, so that Elena can proceed with the editing.
  • Elena must finish editing by the 2nd May and send the whole thing to Hande.
  • All partners must send their national’s agency logo so that Hande can add it to the booklet.
  • Kutahya will print out for all partners a sample of 20.
  • The booklet will be added to the webpage in a pdf format so that all teams can print out ( an eco-friendly gesture).
  • Those who would like to send a different picture for the booklet please proceed immediately.

Europass mobility certificate

  • All partners must enrol in their Europass centres.
  • Check the link for your europass centre and send an email or phone in order to get registered:




Cyprus Productivity Centre



P.O.Box 20536, 1679 Λευκωσία/Nicosia, ΚΥΠΡΟΣ/CYPRUS


+357 22806000



Švietimo mainų paramos fondas



Rožių al. 2, LT-03106 Vilnius, LIETUVA/LITHUANIA


+370 5 261 0592



SEPIE (Servicio Español para la Internacionalización de la Educación)



General Oráa 55, 28006 Madrid, ESPAÑA


+(34) 915 50 67 68



Mesleki Yeterlilik Kurumu – Ulusal Europass Merkezi



Ziyabey Caddesi 1420. Sokak No 12, 06520 Balgat, Çankaya/Ankara, TÜRKİYE/TURKEY


+90 312 428 72 11

  • All coordinators must send their signatures and school stamps digitally.
  • All coordinators must add their participants of each mobility, add the appropriate stamps and signatures and print out for the school records.
  • Hande will send to all coordinators her own certificates.


Evaluation of each meeting

  • Teachers participating in this meeting must fill out a questionnaire. Please coordinators send the questionnaires to your colleagues.
  • Hande will prepare the questionnaire.
  • All questionnaires must be sent to Javier. Please, all coordinators forward the completed questionnaires to Javier by Friday the 27th.
  • After that Javier will provide us with a narrative explaining the results of the questionnaire.
  • Elena has prepared one for the Cyprus meeting and this can be used from all partners as an example.
  • Lithuanian narrative is missing. Hande will send you again the questionnaires.


  • A video-clip about the Spain meeting will be prepared (Hande and Javier). Please all coordinators share your photos via whatsapp.
  • This video-clip will be added at our project’s webpage.
  • The video-clip about our project theme and experiences is almost to its completion. We decided that all partners must send not only photos but also video-clips. Please send video-clips with your pantomime workshops.

Final Report

  • Final report will be opened at the Kutahya meeting. A demonstration of how each coordinator will complete it will take place.
  • A major issue while completing the report is the impact of our project (on students, teachers, parents, community, ect)
  • In order to achieve this, a padlet window will be created (Javier will prepare the link). This will be added on our final report.
  • A video-interviewing is also another good idea to do so (please send your videos to Javier on time in order to add them on our video-clip.)

Kutahya meeting

  • We decided to add another transnational meeting (coordinators and co-coordinators or more, according to budget). The decision was based on the fact that all partners agree that a lot of work and training needs to be done in order to finalise our project. Since this is the first time that all coordinators are assigned to this post, it is important to have another meeting. This will help to clarify issues, explain any questions, train on how to complete the final report and more importantly prepare the final products.
  • The meeting will take place at Kutahya-Turkey and in line with the other meeting of our project which is teaching, learning activities and that as an act of good will, since the parents of the partners from Spain, Lithuania and Cyprus denied the participation of their children in the planned mobility to Turkey.
  • The meeting is planned to take place between 7th May- 11th May 2018.
  • Hande was meet all partners at Istanbul airport on Sunday the 6th



  • The minutes of all our meetings will be added to our webpage and that in order to ensure transparency and clarity. Elena can send all minutes to Hande, if any is missing.
  • Work hard, we are almost there!