Vilnius Meeting 20.10.2017

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Minutes for the

3rd  meeting at Vilnius-Lithuania

  • All participants must fill in the questionnaire and send it to Hande by the 23rd October 2017.
  •  It’s paramount for the evaluation of our project to use our project’s website in a more productive way (students, teachers, parents should be involved in order to use the website as a means of exchanging positive comments). START IMMEDIATELY. 
  • All partners must send photos of their project corners – 4th November 2017. 
  • Hande will upload the project song (final product). 
  • All partners must prepare their Christmas cards and send them to each partner school – 1st December 2017. 
  • Also, Elena gave to all partners their informative booklet about inclusive practices and based on that all partners should prepared their own (NOT lessons plans BUT practices) and send it to Hande so that we can prepare the e-book – 1st December 2017. Elena will send hers to all coordinators. 
  • Elena gave an explanatory presentation of what inclusion is and based on that all partners must send about 20-30 photos to Javier as a power point presentation (Elena will send hers to all coordinators). Javier will prepare the video-clip about inclusive practices (final product) – 18th December 2017.
  • All partners must prepare a workshop with pantomime about the fight against discrimination in schools- 1st February 2018 
  • The next transnational meeting will take place at Linares, Spain 16th April – 20th April 2018 with students 
  • Spanish team must prepare workshops/activities about multicultural rhythms and music, discrimination and empathy. All partners should be involved in all of these and also in designing the awareness street with pantomime, if possible. 
  • Last transnational meeting will take place at Kutahya, Turkey 21st May-25th May 2018.