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                            CYPRUS MEETING 


All partners should prepare the project banner and corner. Take photos and send them to Hande and her team who will share them on our project’s website.

  • Prepare the project logo by combining elements of the logos from each partner school: Hande and her team will prepare it and upload it to our project’s website.
  • Answer the questionnaire and return it to Hande and her team by 24/02/17.
  • Hande and her team will share the results of the questionnaire on WhatsApp so that future transnational meetings will be improved. All partners should take part on the discussion as a means of enhancing understandings and to consider actions to be taken.
  • The website will be updated every month and therefore all partners should send material. All partners should use the website in creative and effective ways (e.g. use it during lessons, organize activities to be uploaded to the website, encourage students to use it and write positive comments).
  • All partners should use the website as a means of sharing feelings and positive thoughts. In this way, the website will become more like a love and respect blog.
  • Hande and her team will upload the video-clip of the project anthem recorded at the meeting in Cyprus with all the partner schools.
  • Also, Hande and her team will prepare a video-clip as a means of disseminating the results and experiences of meeting in Cyprus and also the inclusive practices developed during the implementation of the project.
  • Next meeting will be at Lithuania… The date will be reconsidered as the Spanish team has a problem with it. On the other hand, this means that one of the transnational meetings in Turkey is replaced.
  • For the next meeting at Lithuania, all partners should prepare a PowerPoint presentation about equal opportunities, citizenship, democracy and peace education in curriculum (i.e. inclusive practices at your school).
  • Please send your ideas as to what you consider as therapeutic cards…