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Our gymnasium is a big educational institution in Vilnius, Lithuania. It participates in national policy making high quality implementation in the field of general education and informal children education. Centre for the arts in the basic curriculum (1 – 12 grades). Integrated Art Curriculum including carefully chosen developmentally appropriate art activities increases the impact on scholars’ achievements.

Our gymnasium offers the students the opportunities to learn how to overcome a variety of obstacles and to communicate ideas and be proactive about finding real solutions. It promotes the best educational opportunities for physical and intellectual development of students according to educational system and local community, using new methods and activities, being open to new, modern ideal which focuses on valuing the learning process as much as the results.

We actively aim:

  • to create a knowledge base that is applicable to real life;
  • to provide a living and adaptable learning structure for ever-changing personal and global development;
  • to initiate, create and implement innovations in education.

Over the years we have accumulated experience in these fields of expertise:

  • education content: preparation and implementation of regulatory documents for general education content; preparation of methodological materials for curriculum implementation;
  • education content implementation and organization: preparation and implementation of in-service teacher and school head training programmes; organization of educational innovation implementation;
  • informal education: initiation, implementation and dissemination of informal education innovations.

Participation in the international projects and festivals:

  • ‘‘Perfection of primary education. Leadership seminars“. Teacher internships abroad.
  • ‘‘Developing foreign language competences of primary teachers”. 2011-2013. Teacher internships abroad.
  • ‘‘STEAM education. Implementation of best practises in the Scientix and March project“ (grades 10-12).
  • The Euroscola project 2015 set up by European Parliament. The school team (grades 10-12) won the second place.
  • International Children Theatre Festival in Turgi, Switzerland . 2013.

The Gymnasium staff consists of 85 professionals in education: primary (16 teachers), lower and upper secondary education and informal education experts (69 teachers).

There are 990 students between 7 and 19 years old.

74 teachers have been teaching for many years in our school; there are also 11 young teachers that recently started teaching in our school.

All teachers are enthusiastic and willing to develop their own skills and competences and also get involve in local community activities and projects.

Our gymnasium follows the curriculum in which a lot of art activities are incorporated that helps to integrate multi-cultural education model into learning and school platform.  Our gymnasium has enough practise organising the acitivities against bullying and we have devoted great energy to unraveling the problem of discrimination, encouraging social awareness and tolerance in our school.

Since 2010, we have used ‘‘Living Library“ method in our educational process. It helps to break vulnerable groups of society and to build understanding for diversity by providing a framework for real conversations about important issues. This method helps to focus on the discriminative behaviors and on the ways in which discriminated students can be incorporated into society successfully.  Our experience shows that “Living Library” effectively equips members of disadvantaged groups to achieve high levels of academic performance.

2013-2014 participation in the project ‘‘NOT practicing gender, racial or religious DISCRIMINATION“. The aim of the project was encouraging non-discriminatory policies and practices. Families formed partnerships with the school to develop more effective solutions for improving equal opportunities for all students Parent Action Committee was developed to work with district and school staff to raise awareness about discrimination and what everyone in the school community can do to prevent it. Open dialogues with school leaderships were established creating more equitable school.

Our gymnasium key staff ensures an environment in which all students are able to give of their best, the students are free from social alienation and discrimination. Our gymnasium has chosen to have a separate policy concerning discrimination. The policy concerns such actions:

– setting an action plan with clear measurable objectives and targets;

–  a strategy for making the policy known to all teachers and students;

–  providing training and guidance for the teachers;

– dealing with discrimination;

– monitoring the situations;

– promotion and discipline.

Legal Representative: Ričardas Vitkus (Director)



Contact Person : Daiva Pilukienė (Deputy Headmistress)



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