Kütahya Meeting 11.05.2018

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Erasmus+ minutes

Kutahya Transnational Project Meeting


  • Kutahya team has printed out for all partners a sample of 20.
  • The booklet will be added to the webpage in a pdf format so that all teams can print out ( an eco-friendly gesture).
  • All partners will give a booklet to their NAs and important people of education (e.g. local inspector, university professors, Ministry Of Education, ect).

Europass mobility certificate

  • All partners must enrol in their Europass centres.
  • Turkey-Mersin team has decided not to give Europass mobility certificates
  • All coordinators must send their signatures and school stamps digitally.
  • All coordinators must add their participants of each mobility, add the appropriate stamps and signatures and print out for the school records.

Evaluation of each meeting

  • Teachers participating in this meeting must fill out a questionnaire. Coordinators, please send the questionnaires to your colleagues.
  • Hande will prepare the questionnaire.
  • All questionnaires must be completed by Friday the 18th.
  • After that Hande will provide us with a narrative explaining the results of the questionnaire.
  • Lithuanian and Spanish narrative is missing.
  • The results of the questionnaires will be uploaded on our website!



  • A video-clip about the Kutuhya meeting will be prepared (Hande). Please all coordinators share your photos via whatsapp.
  • This video-clip will be added at our project’s webpage.
  • The video-clip about our project theme and experiences is almost to its completion. We decided that all partners must send not only photos but also video-clips. Please send video-clips with your pantomime workshops. Please send your materials by 31st May.


Evaluation of our project

  • Different forms of evaluation have been orchestrated
  • Questionnaires for each meeting *see above
  • Video-interviewing: We agreed that video-interviewing will be a good idea to use as a way of evaluating our project and add that to our website. Please send your videos to Hande and Javier.
  • Padlet: please share the link of our padlet account to the rest of the school and wider community, a link to our website will be added


  1. Final Report
  • Add the transnational project meeting on your mobility tool.
  • Add all the details of each mobility
  • Final report must be completed within 60 days after the closure of the project (end of October), please complete earlier!!!!!!
  • A major issue while completing the report is the impact of our project (on students, teachers, parents, community, etc) see above


Overview of results/checklist

  • Create a project blog: this our website as it is
  • Anthem and video clip: this can be found on our website
  • Awareness street: photos are uploaded on our website
  • Booklet: this is also uploaded on our website
  • Lesson plans about inclusive practices/Syllabus: we decided not to provide lesson plans simply because these are widely available on the internet but to offer practical ideas about inclusive education. Therefore we decided to draw on the ideas found in the handbook for inclusive and learning and teaching by the University of Sheffield in order to put into practice various projects and develop our inclusive practices. As an outcome of that we will develop pour booklet which we have already done.Also, we nust add the reasons for changing our proposal



    • Poster exhibition: we have done this during the Lithuania and Spanish meetings…create a section on our website
    • Webpage: more than perfect
    • Logo: amazing
  • E-twinging project: please create an account within the week, Hande will send us invitations, a theme might be “Using pop-up and traditional culture music in order to promote the inclusion of all students despite race, social class, ethnicity, religion, gender and abilities”.


  • Print out T-shirts, stickers, notebooks, pencils etc…. Please send your photos of all these… Spain has t-shirts and hand-bands… Kutahya has produced notebooks, pens, stickers…. Create a section on our website with photos
  • Seminar about inclusion: as the meeting to Mersin was replaced with a meeting to Lithuania we decided to do that by adding a section to our website where all partners will participate in a webinar about inclusion and write their comments.
  • Hande, please add these links:
  • Auction with the paintings of students participating in the Kutahya contest!!!!….
  • For September 2018



  • Work hard, we are almost there!