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The activities during the first international mobility of our project “Every student is important” of the European programme “Erasmus +” were perfectly organized by the Cypriot Team. The total number of the participants was 26. We must say that all of us had a great experience in Cyprus and in particular, in Larnaca and also, Pervolia village, where our partner school is located.


Firstly, on Monday 13th February we had a tour around the school in order to get a feel of the culture and learning process. Later, each partner made a presentation of their country, city and school in various classes as a way of breaking the ice and getting to know each other. After this, we were able to enjoy an excellent welcome ceremony prepared by the students of the school. In the afternoon, the students of each partner school were able to enjoy the afternoon with some families of the school. We ended the day with a dinner at the well-known seafood restaurant “Zephyros”.

Then, on Tuesday 14th February we started the morning with a meeting among all partner schools in order to discuss several important issues regarding the implementation and development of our project activities. In the meantime, our students visited various classes and, also participated in a joint activity about democracy and peace with the Cypriot teacher Marita by creating a drawing on a wall of the school.  Afterwards, we were able to enjoy a tour around the village where we saw the beautiful lighthouse and the seafront close to the village. We ended the day with a lunch offered by the Parents Association and the Community Council.

On Wednesday February 15th we started earlier than usual as we travelled to Limassol, another city of Cyprus, to see its Medieval Castle, Marina Limassol and the Municipal Zoo Park. After lunch, we took the bus to visit the magnificent ancient amphitheatre called “Kourion”. Here, we must take the opportunity to thank our Cypriot friends for their kindness, patience, affection and their extraordinary organization.

Furthermore, on Thursday 16th February, after our usual breakfast, our students enjoyed several traditional games with the Cypriot students while all the partners met to discuss the progress of the project.  For lunch, we all enjoyed the day called “Tsiknopempti” with a Feast of Meat as this is traditional for this particular day. Then, we finished the day with some typical Cypriot sweets. Later on, we continued with a trip to Angeloktisti Church, a church believed to be built by angels, to Hala Sultan Tekke, a mosque, and a walk around the beautiful salt lake with its beautiful flamingos.

Finally, on Friday February 17th, we began the morning with a drama activity with all the students of the project.  This took place in the music classroom where all the students had the opportunity to enjoy a drama session with the Cypriot teachers Elena, Dimitris and Christodoulos. Later, we were able to enjoy some traditional Cypriot cakes offered by the Parents Association. After that, we participated in a music session in which we sang the project hymn with Theo at the piano. After a short break, we drew our conclusions about future project activities and then we enjoyed the farewell ceremony. The afternoon was intense for the kids as they had to say goodbye to the families with whom they had shared unforgettable moments. We ended the day with a farewell dinner with all teachers, parents and students.





  • 08:30-09:00 – Arrival at Pervolia Primary School
  •  09:30-10:05 – Tour of school
  • 10:05-10:45 – Partners give short presentations about their country to classes
  • 10:45-11:00 – Cypriot treats from the Parents Association
  • 11:00-12:15 – Welcome Ceremony. This involved:
  1. European Anthem played by the students of the school band
  2. Welcome message from the school head teacher, Mr. Andreas Chiras
  3. Welcome messages from the school Erasmus+ coordinators, Ms. Elena Constantinou and Mr. Theo Michael
  4. Greetings from the Central Student Council
  5. Cypriot songs by the school band and choir: Psintri Vasilijia (Slender basil herb plant) Oulla halali sou (You’re worth it)
  6. “European Values” presented by Year 1 pupils
  7. “My project country is…” – 5 things you didn’t know or should know about our partners’ countries presented by Year 4 pupils
  8. “Spanos and the 40 dragons” – a short play performed by Year 5 pupils
  9. Traditional Cypriot dances performed by Year 6 pupils: Kalamatianos, Syrtos, Tatsia, etc.
  10. School Anthem sung by the whole school
  • 13:05-21:30 – Parents of the school host students
  • 19:00-21:30 – Welcome dinner (Fish meze at Zephyros Restaurant)


  • 08:30-09:00 – Arrival at Pervolia Primary School
  • 09:25-10:45 – Project meeting at school – Students visit classes
  • 10:45-10:55 – Traditional bread and pastries offered by parents of the School
  • 10:55-12:15 – Democracy and peace activities – Students from the project take part in a joint activity about peace and democracy by creating a drawing on the wall
  • 12:15-13:00 – Visit to Community Council and around the village
  • 13:15-14:00 – Lunch offered by the Community Council and the Parents Association
  • 16:30-21:30 – Parents meet students at the hotel and spend the afternoon together
  • 16:30-21:30 – Free time – Visit to Nicosia (capital of Cyprus) with teachers


  • 07:15-07:45 – Arrival at Pervolia Primary School
  • 08:00-13:00 – Day trip to Limassol (Medieval castle of Limassol, Marina Limassol, Limassol Municipal Park and Zoo)
  •  13:00-14:00 – Lunch at Marina Limassol
  • 14:00-17:00 – Trip to Kourion Ancient Amphitheatre



  • 08:30-09:00 – Arrival at Pervolia Primary School
  •  11:30-13:00 – Traditional Tsiknopempti (= Fat Thursday) The Parents Association offers meal called “Souvlakia” and traditional dessert called “Pourekkia
  • 14:00-15:30 – Trip to Angeloktisti Church (a church believed to be built by angels), Hala Sultan Tekke (mosque,  it is the place where Umm Haram died) and Larnaca Salt Lake with the beautiful flamingos



  •  08:30-09:00 – Arrival at Pervolia Primary School
  • 09:25-10:25 – Drama activity in Music room with all partners, Elena, Dimitri, Christodoulo and Class D’1 as a means of enabling students to overcome their differences and participate as full members
  •  10:25-10:45 – Traditional sweets offered by Parents
  •  10:55-11:35 – Music session for project song in Music room with all partners, Theo, Elena, Christodoulo and the Student Council as a means of creating opportunities for creative learning through music
  • 11:35-12:15 – Project meeting
  • 12:15-13:05 – Farewell ceremony (folk dances and music)
  • 13:05 – Parents of the school host students
  • 19:30-21:30 – Farewell dinner (Meat meze at Varelli restaurant)


  • 09:00-15:00 – Traditional villages excursion (Lefkara, Kato Drys, Skarinou) – Partners from Kütahya, Turkey and Vilnius, Lithuania