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In this page you can find the inclusive practices of our schools that is carried out as a fulfillment of the Erasmus+  programme. You can click on the  EBOOK and find our practices


This project was developed and carried out within the context of a growing international concern to promote the inclusion of all students.  Responding to diversity amongst all learners is currently a major challenge to address across educational systems.

Our Erasmus+ project “Every Student Is Important” became a way of doing things around, since its agenda was set out to ensure the inclusion of all our students and eliminate any exclusionary processes related to race, social class, ethnicity, religion, gender and abilities.

In this booklet, we present some of what we consider as inclusive practices in order to demonstrate how inclusion was pursued in our schools.  As this project is an international collaboration (Cyprus, Lithuania, Spain, Turkey), we believe that this booklet might be useful for policy-makers and practitioners across the world who have an interest in the improvement of education.


“Every learner matters and matters equally”, Mel Ainscow

Project coordinators

Elena Constantinou (Larnaca-Cyprus)

Javier Cruz Martinez (Linares-Spain)

Hande Şahin (Kütahya – Turkey)

Seher Düzgün (Mersin-Turkey)

Daiva Pilukiene (Vilnius-Lithiania)



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