Cyprus – Pervolia Primary School

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Our organisation is a public primary school that offers compulsory education to children aged 6 to 12. It is the sole primary school of the community, Pervolia, which is a small village of 1500 inhabitants located approximately 10 kilometres South-West of Larnaca. The school resides in a 1950 building at the centre of the village. It hosts 15 teachers and 150 pupils in 6 grades, aged 6-12.

During the past 15 years the population of the area underwent a serious demographic change with the integration of migrants and political refugees from several European and non-European countries. More than 25 per cent of the pupils’ families come from another country.

Our vision is to organize a school unit in which teachers and students to work with zeal and creativity, in a spirit of cooperation and democracy whilst embracing diversity. Students can make the most out of their individual capabilities, to learn how to learn, how to apply what they have learned how to cooperate and coexist with others as complete and diverse personalities. We envision a school that fosters safety, acceptance and recognition, where each child will succeed whilst enjoying the learning process. We hope that this project will help those children who are deprived as a result of their medium–low socioeconomic status. We believe it is also a good opportunity for children and teachers to become familiar with information and communication technologies and to enhance their educational skills.

Our school has been allocated extra teaching hours for immigrant students, where students are taught Greek language lessons in very small groups several times a week.

In the school there is a local network in school, with which we can share educational materials. In every class there is a video projector. We also have four interactive white boards, which are used to create and present our lessons. In the past we have had videoconferences with many schools from abroad. We have cooperated many times with the ICT coordinator from the Ministry of Education, with whom we have developed an ICT plan.

Legal Representative         : Andreas Chiras (Head Teacher)


Contact Person                   : Elena Constantinou  (Classroom Teacher)




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