We aim with this project to work with our European partners to find a solution to this discriminating problems, uniting different identities, making them know each other with respect and giving the feeling that they are not alone. We aim to prepare them to the future with a feeling of trust, security and high motivation and thus having them complete their academic life successfully. The international partnership is going to develop the language skills of the students who will leave with a foreign student and his/her family. They will have the opportunity to share common interests, life and memories and obviously for the near future these kind of small but strong relations will improve the intercultural relations moreover these relations will enhance the quality of the view to others. The aim and our solutions are parallel with the Europe’s 2020 strategy and help the development of the growth.

We strongly want to be a part of anti-discrimination among society and our main is to have a livable world where people are charitable to each other. Our kids are our future therefore against the discrimination they should be grow in tolerance and peace and they should be accepted as an individual while they are growing. This project, in which we strongly believe that will help and be a good example for the other schools who wants to raise tolerant and
well-behaved future adults.

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Seher Düzgün

    Hello, I hope our project activities will be wonderful. We are a great team with all partners.

  2. George Attipas

    All the students of D2 class had a wonderfull time when the collegues and students from Spain, Lithuania and Turkey visited our country. Thank you very much and we are looking forward to see you again in the future.

  3. Elena Constantinou

    Hi everyone!
    We the kids of D’1 from Pervolia Primary School are so excited about our project!
    It was so nice having you all here in Cyprus!
    We enjoyed our activities together, especially the drama activity!
    We are sure that this is the beginning of a great friendship through which great opportunities for learning can be created!
    Look forward hearing from you through this web site!!!!

  4. Christina Michael

    Hello from children of class A1! We are sending regards to all the students and teachers from Turkey, Spain and Lithuania! We enjoyed very much having you in our class and our school! Thank you for sharing information about your countries and your schools and helping us meeting different cultures. Some of us spent time together also after school, enjoyed many activities together and became good friends. We hope you enjoyed your visit to Cyprus as much as we enjoyed your company! We miss you and we are looking forward to seeing you again soon!!!

  5. Elena Constantinou

    Hi everyone!
    We are very excited to see you again on Monday at Vilnius-Lithuania!
    Greetings from D’2
    Pervolia Primary School


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